Hope & Freedom

3-Day Couples Intensive



How an Intensive can put you on the road to recovery

Sex addiction need not bring an end to your marriage. If there is a willingness on the part of you and your partner to give yourselves wholeheartedly to the recovery process, we believe that most marriages not only survive but thrive in recovery. Our treatment process is unique from others in that a stated goal of our process is to restore the marriage relationship.

The focus of the Hope and Freedom 3-Day Intensive is to lay a foundation for restoring trust in relationships by accomplishing the following…

  • Understanding the origins of your addiction
  • Establishing a foundation for your continued recovery
  • Integrating recovery routines into your relationship as a couple
  • Re-establishing trust in your relationship
  • Establishing intimacy between the two of you on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level
  • Preventing relapse
  • Developing a personal recovery plan

Client Testimonials

“I just can’t thank Dr. Magness and Hope enough for their hard work and dedication to helping my husband and I rebuild our marriage. With everything you helped us work through and the tools you taught us, I know we will have a successful marriage and my husband can stay sober. I can truly never thank either of you enough.”

“On our flight home, I told my husband that I believed this might have been the most important, most challenging and most rewarding thing we have ever done in our lives. This intensive dove into the issues that are impossible to get to at home. It also touched on important issues outside of the addiction like communication.”

Partners: during your 3-Day Intensive a significant part of our work will be with you. Initially, the work will be helping you deal with the trauma that you have experienced due to your partner’s acting out. Additional work with you will center on helping you define, develop, and maintain healthy boundaries, empowering you within the relationship, determining what you need to feel safe in the relationship, and helping you develop a long-term plan for taking care of yourself.

We will also lead you in a process that is designed to lay a foundation upon which trust can be rebuilt. A significant focus of our Intensives also includes developing intimacy on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Part of our focus on the last day of the intensive is on the subject of healthy sexuality, how to move toward it and embrace it once you are feeling safe again.

We offer a very limited number of spaces available for intensives. If you are married, we consider you for an Intensive, only if you come and work as a couple. As mentioned, a major focus of our work is on seeing relationships restored. We cannot do that unless we have both partners present.

Hope and Freedom 3-Day Intensives are offered in Michigan. The exact content of your Intensive is tailored to your specific needs.

Meet Hope Ray

Hope Ray is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), and a Certified Hope and Freedom Practitioner (CHFP). Hope does 3-Day Intensives for couples ready to rehabilitate TRUST and INTIMACY after sexual betrayal and addiction. She also offers 2-Day Individual Intensives for partners desperate to heal using her specialized Complex Partner Trauma model. Working alongside Dr. Ken Adams, Hope helped design Michigan’s first comprehensive treatment program for partners of sex addicts. She has completed advanced training in facilitating Disclosures involving the use of polygraphs from Dr. Milton Magness. As a frequent podcast guest, Hope has opportunities to contribute to numerous podcasts such as Porn Free Radio, Thanks for Sharing, and Sex and Love Addiction 101. Her Complex Partner Trauma model is used by therapists across the US.


The focus of the Hope and Freedom 3-Day Intensive is to lay a foundation for restoring trust in relationships.