Complex Partner Trauma

2.5-Day Individual Intensive for Women



Complex Partner Trauma

2.5-Day Individual Intensive for Women



The trauma you’ve been through doesn’t have to write the rest of your story.

Women who have faced betrayal and ongoing distrust in their relationships have a difficult time finding the right support. Often they are told that they are codependent or that they should simply “just leave” their relationship. Well-meaning friends, family, and even therapists often ask questions that leave partners feeling very misunderstood. Questions such as:

“How did you not see what was going on?” Or…

“Why are you letting him treat you like this?”

If only it were so simple.

Here’s what well-meaning friends and family might not know:

  1. Most female partners of sex addicts had no idea what was going on because the attempts to conceal the behavior, lie-to or manipulate the partner were very sophisticated.
  2. Partners do not willingly sign up to be betrayed. Some women get red flags early on and others don’t. However, the majority of partners of sex addicts discover there is another reality than the one they’ve known for years, sometimes decades. There is so much to get to the bottom of in order to piece together that reality. Attempts to regain some bearings are made by a partner before she can feel certain of what she ought to do with her future.

The trauma you’ve been through doesn’t have to write the rest of your story. You need a game plan to get your bearings and heal. Do you have one?

Equally important is the task of understanding the ways you are different now. The pain of betrayal has powerful impact on your physical, emotional, cognitive, sexual, and spiritual self. You are multi-dimensional… and this is precisely why it is no easy task to heal from Complex Partner Trauma.

Client Testimonials

“The entire intensive was the best thing I have ever done. Throughout my marriage I tried to think of what I/we could do to improve the situation, and how I could actually stay married and raise a healthy family.”

“I just want to thank you for the peace you have given me.”

We believe that partners can heal.

We help hurting women design their game plan for wholeness so that they do not have to base their healing on the progress of the addict or unhealthy person in their life.

Our 3-Day program takes place in Metro-Detroit, Michigan. These Intensives are done on an individual basis to meet your specific needs.

*Please note: It is not a part of our program to promote or encourage divorce. We offer support to women as they experience ambivalence about the relationship they are in without offering suggestions or directives toward or away from divorce. We believe that partners have the wisdom and ability to make their own life decisions.

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“Hope Ray’s Impact Zone is a groundbreaking model that will lead the field in the treatment of partner’s of sex addicts.

Comprehensive and compassionate in it’s approach, it will assist those it serves on to the obvious steps for healing. This work finally fills a huge gap in helping men and women in recovery realize the full possibility of integrating themselves and their relationships. Well done!”

Clinical Director Center for Healthy Sex, Los Angeles; Author, Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation: A Neurobiologically Informed Holistic Treatment (2016)

Meet Hope Ray

Hope Ray is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), and a Certified Hope and Freedom Practitioner (CHFP). Hope does 3-Day Intensives for couples ready to rehabilitate TRUST and INTIMACY after sexual betrayal and addiction. She also offers 2-Day Individual Intensives for partners desperate to heal using her specialized Complex Partner Trauma model. Working alongside Dr. Ken Adams, Hope helped design Michigan’s first comprehensive treatment program for partners of sex addicts. She has completed advanced training in facilitating Disclosures involving the use of polygraphs from Dr. Milton Magness. As a frequent podcast guest, Hope has opportunities to contribute to numerous podcasts such as Porn Free Radio, Thanks for Sharing, and Sex and Love Addiction 101. Her Complex Partner Trauma model is used by therapists across the US.


We help hurting women design their game plan for wholeness.